financial calculationsThis is the next post in my series on the handling of Hartford, Connecticut accident cases which involve a commercial vehicle. My last article discussed how to calculate damages in such matters. It is important to remember that trials entail many complicated rules, especially pertaining to damages. Damages can be economic, noneconomic, and/or punitive. They can also be reduced if you were partially at fault in the accident, but only if you were less negligent than the defendant. Since this can get confusing, it is recommended to retain counsel to help you with your legal action. In this article I will discuss what to expect at a trial for a commercial vehicle accident case. Contact my office today to speak with a lawyer if you are in need of assistance.

Trial will begin with the selection of the jury. Jurors are citizens randomly selected to serve as an impartial decision maker in a court of law. It is incredibly important that each juror does not let their personal biases impact their decision in the courtroom. If they do so, it could be detrimental to the outcome of the case. As a result, the attorneys for each party are allowed to remove members of the jury for various reasons, including impartiality concerns. Although, jurors cannot be removed for reasons such as ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. The judge will also question the jurors to ensure they are neutral and can remove any biased members for cause. The jury will be empaneled once this process is completed.

Next, each party’s attorney will present their opening statements. These presentations set the stage for the trial by telling the jury about the evidence they will be sharing and the outcome they are hoping for at the end of the trial. Following opening statements, the plaintiff will present their witnesses and evidence. The defendant will then be given an opportunity to present their case and the plaintiff will get the chance to rebut their arguments. The rebuttal should not include new arguments, but rather directly address the claims made by the defendant. After this, each side will present their closing statements and wrap up their arguments. Finally, the jury will get to deliberate all issues regarding fault, comparative fault, and damages. The matter will be concluded once the jury provides its verdict.

Trials can be extremely complex and overwhelming, especially for those who were victims in a wreck. The rules and procedures followed in court can be confusing, so it is crucial to seek assistance from an experienced lawyer. The jury may not be able to consider evidence or testimony that is not presented correctly. Further, lawyers sometimes use expert witnesses to prove more complicated facts at trial. Having an attorney with experience in personal injury trials is necessary for making sure that your case is presented clearly to the jury. By retaining counsel with experience in such matters, you can improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

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