Hartford Slip & Fall Attorneys Handling Premises Liability Cases

Low Section Of Worker Mopping Floor With Wet Floor Caution Sign On FloorOne expects a commercial establishment to be safe when they enter it. This is true whether the property is a store, a restaurant, or some other space that is open to the public. In fact, it is the duty of property owners and managers to ensure that a premises is safe before opening it to others. Unfortunately, there are times when these duties are not followed. While slipping on a floor may seem like a minor matter, such accidents can result in serious injuries and/or disability. Gaining compensation for such injuries can involve complicated disputes over liability and damages. It is important that you retain a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in handling such matters. Our Hartford lawyers have over seventy-five years of legal experience and we are prepared to handle slip and fall cases. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation. We also assist those in New Britain, Rocky Hill, and elsewhere in Connecticut.

Hartford lawyers assisting those who were injured by a fall on someone else’s property

The owners and operators of commercial property have a responsibility to keep the premises safe for visitors. This responsibility includes making sure that reasonable steps are taken to ensure that there are no hazardous conditions. Someone who falls or is otherwise injured, due to a dangerous condition (such as a wet floor or a tripping hazard), can seek compensation if it is shown that reasonable steps were not taken by the owner or operator. What constitutes “reasonable steps” by the operator will depend on the specific facts of the case. A victim must generally file suit within two years of the time at which they were injured.

The first step in a premises liability case is for your attorney to contact the owner or operator of the facility and demand that all evidence (such as security footage) be maintained. Counsel will then contact the defendant’s insurance carriers and deal with them directly so that you may focus on the important business of getting healthy. Once your future medical expenses and economic losses can be calculated, a settlement demand will be sent to the insurers. The case will proceed to litigation if a settlement is not reached. Such cases often hinge on whether a dangerous condition actually existed, whether the defendant took steps to prevent the condition, and whether the victim was injured as a result of their own negligence. The jury will make the final decision as to the issues of liability and damages.

Our Harford lawyers assist those who have been injured on another’s property. We will take immediate steps to make sure that all evidence of the incident is preserved. If a settlement cannot be reached then we will not hesitate to file a case on your behalf. We will obtain all evidence related to your case. This may include camera footage, maintenance logs, construction records, etc. Our firm will also retain any experts which may be required to show that the premises’ operators were not following the standards of their industry in regards to keeping the facility safe. If necessary, we will take your case to trial and will make sure that the facts of the matter are presented to the jury in a clear and concise way. We understand that this is an important time in your life and we are here to help. Contact us today.

Hartford injury lawyers staying in regular contact with the victims of a fall

If you have been injured by a fall on someone else’s property then you have been through enough. You do not need the added stress of a law firm that provides poor service. Our Hartford lawyers pride themselves on providing the highest levels of service. We regularly meet with our clients to ensure that their questions are answered, we copy them on all important correspondence and pleadings, and we work to ensure that they are up to date as to the status of their case. We are honored to serve the community and this is our promise in every case we handle.

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