Hartford Lawyers Handling Cases Where One Died Without A Will

Judge pounding gavelWhen someone dies without a will in the state of Connecticut then they are considered to have died “intestate.” Under such circumstances, the deceased’s assets will be divided in accordance to an order pre-determined under state law. Such matters can include disputes over who should serve as the estate’s Administrator as well as whether property should be included in the estate. By retaining an attorney who is experienced in handling such matters, you help to ensure that the case is handled properly. Our Hartford lawyers have over seventy-five years of combined legal experience and we are able to assist in cases involving intestate succession issues. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation. We also assist those in Wethersfield, New Britain, Rocky Hill, and elsewhere.

Hartford attorneys handling Connecticut cases where one died without a last will and testament

It is, unfortunately, more common than one may think for a person’s relative to have died without a last will and testament. When such a tragedy occurs then the deceased’s assets will be divided in accordance to Connecticut’s “intestate succession” laws. This means that, after the estate’s debts are settled, any remaining assets will be distributed in an order pre-determined by the state and based on the circumstances of the situation. Examples of how assets will be distributed include:

  • If the deceased had children but no spouse then the children inherit everything
  • If the deceased had a spouse, and children from that spouse, then the spouse will inherit the first $100,000 of any intestate property and one-half of the remainder. The remaining intestate property would go to the children
  • If the deceased had a spouse and children from a prior relationship, then the spouse will inherit one-half of any intestate property and the remainder will be divided amongst the children

These are just a few examples of how property is divided when one dies without a will. It is important to understand that certain property, such as bank accounts which designate beneficiaries, will not be part of this process.

An intestate estate case begins with the filing of a Petition for Administration. The Court will appoint an Administrator to handle the estate’s affairs. The Administrator will be responsible for tallying the estate’s debts, paying such debts from the estate’s assets, and distributing any remaining assets to the heirs. Such cases can involve disagreements over whether property should be included in the estate. There may also be disagreements over whether someone should or should not be considered an heir. These disputes can lead to a delay of the process and a squandering of the estate’s assets. Retaining a lawyer, who is experienced in such matters, can help to ensure the proper handling of your case.

Our Hartford attorneys have extensive experience in the handling of intestate estates. Once retained we will begin the process of identifying assets which must be included in the estate. We will also analyze any claims being made by potential heirs. This will include analyzing financial documents, title transfers, and any other relevant records. We will assist you in filing your Petition with the Court and with obtaining the “Letters of Administration” needed to settle the estate’s affairs. We understand that this is a trying time in your life. It is our goal to get you through this process in the most efficient way possible so that you may focus on the most important thing – your family. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Hartford lawyers staying in contact with clients through the intestate estate process

If your loved one died without a will, then you are already facing a frustrating situation. You do not need the extra aggravation of dealing with an attorney who does not return phone calls or answer your questions. Our Hartford lawyers make client-communication a priority. They promptly respond to messages and they make themselves available to answer your concerns. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service and this is our promise in each and every case we handle.

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