Hartford Lawyers Helping To Prepare A Medical And Financial Power Of Attorney

Power of attorneyToday’s world is becoming increasingly complicated. These complications mean that people have an ever-growing list of affairs which they must deal with. Unfortunately, there comes a time when one may not be able to make their own decisions due to illness or some other form of incapacity. In these situations, a Power of Attorney can be used to ensure that someone is able to make decisions on your behalf. Such an instrument can help to ensure that your affairs remain in order while you are dealing with unforeseen, or foreseeable medical and health issues. It is important that the instrument be drafted in a way which meets your goals but also protects your interests. Our Hartford lawyers assist Connecticut residents with creating such an instrument. Contact our office today to schedule an initial appointment. We also assist those in Wethersfield, New Britain, Rocky Hill, and elsewhere in Connecticut.

Hartford estate planning lawyers assisting those who need to plan for the management of their medical and financial decisions

A “power of attorney” is an arrangement in which one gives an “agent” authority to make medical or financial decisions on their behalf. In Connecticut, such documents are considered “durable” by default. This means that they are generally considered valid until the person yielding authority explicitly revokes them. These arrangement can be quite broad or limited. A person, for example, may give someone authority over their accounts only in the event of incapacity on the part of the one granting authority. The amount of authority granted to someone, however, is up to the person creating the document.

When drafting a power of attorney, it is vital that you consider the reasons for which you are creating the instrument. The circumstances under which an agent will have authority must be clear. The scope of that authority must also be clear so that the agent is not given power over decisions that you did not wish for them to have. The reasons for a power of attorney to be created can include an upcoming surgery, an upcoming period of time in which one knows they will not be available, or as a general way of ensuring against some form of incapacity. Retaining counsel can help you to ensure that the instrument meets your needs while granting no more authority, to another, than is necessary.

Our Hartford estate planning lawyers assist with the creation of a power of attorney. We will use your initial consultation to gain an understanding of your situation as well as your goals. We will help you to understand all of the options for creating such an instrument and to consider issues which you may not have thought of. We will then create the instrument and maintain a copy in our files. Our firm understands that creating such an arrangement is a serious decision. We will give your case the attention it deserves. Contact us today.

Hartford lawyers ensuring that a Power of Attorney is kept up to date

Keeping a power of attorney up to date can be just as vital as the instrument’s initial creation. If your circumstances change then the original instrument may give your agent more or less power than you would then wish them to have. By staying in contact with our clients we help to ensure that your overall estate plan, as well as your power of attorney, reflects your current circumstances.

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