Hartford Estate Planning Lawyers Helping To Prepare A Last Will & Testament

Last will and testamentIt is understandable that people do not wish to think about the inevitable. This is why, unfortunately, many people pass away without having made arrangements for the handling of their affairs. It is not uncommon for disputes to arise amongst the surviving family members and loved ones after someone has died without a last will and testament. Such disputes can lead to fractured families as well as the deceased’s assets being distributed in a way which is inconsistent with their final wishes. Retaining an experienced estate planning lawyer can help you to ensure that your family does not wind up in such a situation. Our Hartford attorneys will assist with the preparation of a last will and testament, in addition to other important documents. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation. We also assist those in New Britain, Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, and elsewhere in Connecticut.

Hartford attorneys assisting Connecticut residents with the preparation of a will

A last will and testament is a document which dictates how an individual’s assets are to be divided upon their death. Generally, the distribution spelled out in a will is going to be upheld by the Probate Court. If one passes without a valid will, they then are considered to have died “intestate.” This will result in the deceased’s assets being distributed in an order that is predetermined by the state. It does not matter if such a distribution is inconsistent with what the deceased would have wanted.

Connecticut has several requirements which must be met in order for a will to be valid. First, it must be in writing. Second, it must be signed by at least two witnesses who observed the Testator (the person making the will) signing it. Our state does not require that the witnesses be “disinterested parties,” which means that heirs may serve as witnesses. Having an interested party serve as a witness, however, can lead to possible complications. Third, the Testator must be over eighteen years of age and of sound mind and body. Wills signed under conditions of duress, or while the Testator is not competent to make such decisions, may be found to be invalid. While these requirements may seem straightforward, there are several issues one should consider when making a will. It is best to speak with an experienced lawyer.

Our Hartford lawyers have over seventy-five years of combined experience and they assist with the preparation of a final will. They will use your initial consultation to gain an understanding of your affairs and to help you understand all the different options for handling your estate in the most efficient way possible. This will include an analysis of how distributions may impact certain family members. In order to provide increased flexibility, we can also assist with the creation of a living trust. Our firm will ensure that the will is properly executed and we will maintain a copy in our records. Also, and importantly, we will stay in contact with you in order to ensure that your will is up to date. We understand the serious nature of making such decisions. We will take your case seriously. Contact us today.

Hartford lawyers staying in contact with clients so they may keep their will up to date

It is vital that you keep your last will and testament up to date after it has been created. Failing to do so can result in children, born after your will was drafted, being left out of your estate plan. Not keeping the document updated can also result in assets not being included in your will, which can result in disputes over the distribution of such items. Our Hartford lawyers will stay in contact with you after the creation of your will in order to ensure that life changes are reflected in your estate plan. This will allow you to focus on your family and to enjoy your future.

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