man riding motorcycle in countryThis is the next post in a series of articles addressing motorcycle accident cases in Hartford, Connecticut. Our previous article discussed the process of dealing with an insurance company after a serious accident has occurred. An experienced attorney can work directly with the insurance adjusters to represent your interests. Your lawyer will conduct an independent investigation, preserve evidence about the crash and retain the appropriate experts on your behalf. In this post, we will review why negotiating with insurance companies may take a significant period of time. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our office today to speak with an attorney.

As previously discussed, an attorney will act as your representative when dealing with an insurance adjuster after a serious accident has occurred. Of primary concern during that process will be ascertaining the severity and impact of the victim’s injuries. These factors are key elements in estimating the injured party’s damages. When a serious injury occurs, a victim’s long-term medical prognosis may be difficult to ascertain. Your attorney will be in close contact with the medical professionals treating you and receive regular updates about your condition. A lawyer may also retain other experts, such as vocational specialists or economists to understand how your injuries may impact your ability to return to work or earn wages in the future. Depending upon the severity of the prognosis, this analysis may take a significant period of time. While victims and their families may be tempted to agree to a settlement offer to ease their financial burden, doing so prematurely may permanently deprive them of fair compensation. A victim is better served by allowing the professionals the period of time necessary to present a thorough damage calculation to the insurance company.

For example, a man in his early twenties suffers a serious spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident, and loses the use of his limbs. It may take several surgeries and months of treatment to understand whether or to what extent he will fully recover. Surgeons and other medical specialists may require a significant period of time to understand his long-term prognosis. The victim may need lifelong therapy or multiple future surgeries. Experts will review the injuries and determine whether the victim may someday return to his pre-accident employment or any profession at all. A wage expert or economist’s review of earning potential will also be based upon the prognosis. Given the age of the victim and the severity of the injuries, the damage calculation may be large especially if it is determined that he will never work again. If his family elects to accept a settlement offer before this analysis is complete, they will likely be precluded from seeking additional damages in the future.

Some law firms advertise their ability to reach quick settlements on behalf of their clients. For the reasons outlined in this article, this approach may not be in the best interest of the victim. Our firm has over 50 years of experience with personal injury cases and insurance negotiations in Hartford, Connecticut. Call us today to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer. We also service the areas of Wethersfield, New Britain, Rocky Hill, East and West Hartford, Bristol, Glastonbury, and Manchester, as well as the Middlesex County cities of Middletown and Cromwell.