wrecked car on trailerThis is the next post in our series on the handling of Hartford, Connecticut auto accidents involving commercial vehicles. Our last article provided an overview of topics which this series will be addressing. It also stressed the importance of speaking to an attorney immediately if you have been hit by a semi-truck, a delivery driver, or any commercial or privately owned vehicle. We suggest you speak with counsel immediately as your representative can take immediate steps to demand the preservation of evidence. In this article we will discuss why such cases may involve multiple defendants. If you or a family member are in need of assistance then contact us today to speak with a personal injury lawyer.

Commercial vehicle accidents often involve multiple defendants due to employers being responsible for their employees

Connecticut is like other states in the country in that it holds employers responsible for the acts of their employees. Under this idea, if the driver of a commercial vehicle is negligent and causes an accident then the employer will also be considered responsible for the negligent act. Also, additional parties may bear responsibility.  Accidents which involve corporate owned or operated cars and trucks can implicate the driver, the owner (whether an individual or a corporation), as well as other entities such as a management company. Furthermore, if the evidence shows that the company was negligent in how it hired and/or supervised the employee, then additional causes of action may exist against the company.

The foregoing concepts are best explained through example. Suppose the owner of a semi-truck hires a management company to find and recruit drivers. The management company is also responsible for booking hauls, etc. The owner knows that the company has a history of hiring drivers with a troubled past. The company then hires a driver but does not conduct a drug test. The driver, while high on cocaine, causes an accident and the victim is seriously injured. Under this scenario, each of the parties would share liability for the accident itself. Additional causes of action could be brought against the management company for its failure to screen and supervise its drivers. Additionally, an action may possibly be brought against the owner for knowingly hiring a negligent management company. The availability of a cause of action will always depend on the specific facts of the case and it is strongly suggested that you discuss your situation with an attorney.

A Hartford injury lawyer will take steps to identify all possible defendants in a commercial accident case

An experienced attorney will be able to take the appropriate steps towards identifying all possible defendants in such cases. It is vital that the appropriate parties be named to a lawsuit. If a party is not named then the defendant may not be able to recover all of the damages to which they are entitled. While identifying all of the defendants may sound straightforward, it can quickly become complicated if the vehicle’s owner has a complicated business structure. Experienced counsel will know how to methodically identify the relevant parties.

If you or a family member have been hit by a semi-truck, a company van, a delivery vehicle, or some other commercial driver, then contact our office to speak with a Hartford injury lawyer. Our office takes great pride in the level of service that we provide to the community and we understand that this is a serious time in your life. We will be here each step of the way and will be in regular communication with you throughout the process. Contact us online or by telephone. We also serve the areas of Wethersfield, New Britain, Rocky Hill, West and East Hartford, Bristol, Glastonbury, and Manchester, as well as the Middlesex County cities of Middletown and Cromwell.