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Bike accidentFew things can be as devastating to one’s future as a bicycle injury. It is a given that the rider is at risk of serious harm while the driver is not. Such cases can leave a rider paralyzed, suffering from brain damage, or worse. If you or a loved one have been hit while riding a bike then it is important that you retain a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Our Hartford bicycle accident lawyers have over seventy-five years of combined experience and are proud of the results they have achieved on behalf of their clients. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment. We also assist those in Wethersfield, New Britain, Rocky Hill, and elsewhere in Connecticut.

Bicycle accident attorneys assisting Hartford area victims

Bike accidents can result in major injuries to the rider. These can include broken bones, head trauma (even if the rider was wearing a helmet), spinal damage, or even a wrongful death. Fortunately, our state’s comparative fault laws allow a rider to recover damages as long as they were not more responsible for the accident than was the driver. A rider will have up to two years from the time of the injury to file a lawsuit but, due to the serious nature of such cases, it is strongly suggested that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

The first step in a bike wreck case is for the victim to treat for their injuries while their counsel deals with the defendant’s insurance carrier. A settlement demand can be sent to the insurer once the victim’s damages can be reasonably calculated. If a settlement is not reached then a lawsuit will be filed with the Court. These types of cases often hinge on disputes over liability as the driver of the car will typically claim that the rider veered into traffic or crossed against a signal. The Plaintiff’s counsel will use the discovery process to obtain evidence of the defendant’s liability. The case will conclude at a trial where the jury will decide the issues of liability and damages.

Our Hartford bicycle accident attorneys will protect your rights throughout the process. We will use your initial consultation to help you understand how the case will proceed. We will retain any necessary experts to substantiate the extent of your medical damages and in to prove the defendant’s fault. If a settlement is not reached, then our firm will proceed to litigation. Our discovery efforts will focus on obtaining evidence of the defendant’s fault. This can include phone records (which can show evidence of distracted driving), the defendant’s driving record, footage from traffic cameras, witness statements, etc. If necessary, we will take your case to trial and make sure that the facts are properly presented to the jurors. This is a serious time in your life. Our firm will take it seriously. Contact us today.

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If you were involved in a bike accident then you have enough to worry about. You do not need the added aggravation of an attorney who does not return your phone calls. This is why our attorneys make client-communication and service a priority. They will promptly respond to your messages and will make themselves available to address your questions or concerns. We are honored to serve those in the Hartford area and this our promise in each and every case we handle.

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