Divorce & Family Law

Family Law

At LeFoll & LeFoll, we have the experience to know that every family law case is different. The approach we use to protect your interests and achieve your goals will be customized to the details of your case. Does negotiation make sense? Is litigation the right way to go?

Conflict is common at the start of family law cases, but that does not mean conflict should continue. Collaborative divorce, mediation and arbitration are non-traditional alternatives we can use to diminish conflict, protect your family’s privacy and achieve a positive result. Of course, we know that avoiding conflict is not always possible. Sometimes, a court hearing or trial is necessary. We have the experience and resources to litigate when family law cases require it.


When you come to see our attorneys for the first time, our goal is to make certain you leave our office feeling better about your situation than you did when you came in. We accomplish that goal by explaining the divorce process and the choices available to you, and by dispelling the misunderstandings you may have about divorce. We believe misunderstandings should not keep you awake at night.

It is important to know that you are not locked into one particular process; you have many choices along the way. By working with our experienced attorneys, you will be empowered to make good choices about your future and the future of your family.

We believe choices are important, so we do not offer pre-packaged divorces. We do not lock you into one particular path. We customize your divorce based on your needs. Our experience means we know how to guide you every step of the way, regardless of the path your case takes.

Child Custody

In divorce and paternity cases, people often expect child custody disputes to turn into major battles. In reality, very few end up in litigation. In most cases, the courts expect both parents will share responsibility for raising the children, although not necessarily 50/50. With few exceptions, children deserve to have both their parents in their lives.

At LeFoll & LeFoll, we have been helping parents preserve their relationships with their children. We will work with you to see that your important role in your children’s lives continues beyond the end of your case

Child and Spousal Support

When parents have parted ways, the parent with physical or primary custody may be entitled to financial support for the children. Some spouses may also be entitled to support following a divorce, depending on several factors.

The final court order regarding child support may take some time. In that event, we will file a pretrial motion for a temporary child support award. We will also work to ensure that the final order complies with the Connecticut guidelines and incorporates all relevant income. When necessary, we can seek to deviate from the state guidelines.

Post-award enforcement may be necessary if a spouse ceases to make payments. We can solve those problems with wage garnishment actions and contempt motions. We can also assist you with modification of support orders when there has been a change in circumstance.

Before a divorce is finalized, it may be possible to file a pretrial motion for a temporary award of spousal support (alimony). We will pursue an appropriate order for support by assessing your circumstances in light of the governing state factors. If the situation requires, we will pursue an action for enforcement or modification of a spousal support order.

Let our family protect yours.