Probate & Estate Administration

The Probate Court oversees various types of matters. The two most prevalent are Decedent’s Estates and Conservatorships.

Decedent’s Estates involves settling an estate when someone has died. We undertake to represent the family and/or fiduciary throughout the entire process, including:

  • Obtaining information regarding decedent’s assets and family.
  • Submitting the appropriate Application for Probate or Admission of the Will documents.
  • Attending all Probate hearings, either contested or uncontested.
  • Preparation of the necessary Probate filings such as the Inventory, Return and List of Claims, State and/or Federal Estate Tax Returns, Final Account or Statement in Lieu thereof.
  • Valuing and liquidating assets.
  • Assisting accountants with the filing of appropriate IRS and DRS documents.
  • Overseeing the payment of claims, conclusion of all estate business and the distribution of assets in accordance with the law or with the decedent’s Last Will and Testament.

During the process, we remain on task with timely filings, ever present to answer questions of the fiduciary, heirs or beneficiaries. We make the process as simple, speedy and unobtrusive as possible.

A Conservatorship may be appropriate when a person needs help in managing his or her personal and/or financial affairs.  Illness, cognitive impairment or in some cases, a personal choice to have help, leads to the need to file for a conservatorship. Diminished capacity need not be the end of independent living. We undertake to safeguard our client’s dignity, safety and quality of life, while assisting the Conservator with life care decisions and the filing of periodic accountings.

Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable and caring. Our fees are reasonable, and the first consultation is free. We will quote you a fee before undertaking any work. Let our family protect yours.